eD EDI and data exchange

Exchange data and product catalogues with eD

eD’ s online offers can appear in your information system or e-shop.

With the help of the electronic product catalogue you can easily find online offers, including prices and availability, directly in your information system or e-shop. Thanks to the integrated online catalogue, you can easily create your own offers, or order eD products through your own system.

Order products in one minute

eD EDI enables the online exchange of sales documentation (orders, invoices, packing slips etc.) so that your vital documentation will always be under your control in your information system. Furthermore, you will be able to access clear information on order status. Automation of this process reduces errors and expenses while expediting the sales process.

How it works

Anyone with access to eD SHOP is also able to use our data exchange service, which is typically used to download price lists and documents for importing into their own accounting system. The technical documents can be found here (technical specification).

For more demanding customers, who wish their systems to be perfectly integrated with ours, we offer advanced data exchange services. This method, as used, for example, in CyberSoft's I6 system, enables the download of all catalogue information and accomanying serial numbers and the sending and tracking of orders. The technical documentation can be found here (technical specification).

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our eD´sale manager.