Corporate Social Responsibility

We set up eD AID FUND to help people who find themselves in difficult life situations. Our employees and business partners actively donate to this fund, the sum of which is regularly matched by contributions from company profits.

We are inspired by Komenský, who wrote: “We all stand together on this great world’s stage, and whatever happens here affects us all.”

Contribute and you will also receive benefits:

  • Gift aid is tax-deductable so making a donation can reduce your tax liability.
    How can I deduct a gift?
    Every year we will send you written confirmation of the amount you have donated as gift which you can declare on your tax return. In addition, you will receive a certificate in recognition of your contribution to eD AID FUND which you can proudly display in your company.

Who is behind eD AID FUND?

eD AID FUND is a part of eD' system Czech, a.s. It was founded in September 2011 under the auspices of Radim Galvánek and Richard Havlík. Everyone who participates in activities on behalf of the fund does so voluntarily without any expectation of payment.