Management and goals

We set ourselves simple yet challenging goals. Our primary ambition is to be the best link between IT manufacturers and product consumers in the Czech market. In the future, we aim to extend this service to Slovakia, Poland and other European countries. We are committed to overcoming barriers and we have a policy of ongoing improvement. We focus on expanding the capacity of our dealers; widening the appeal of our portfolio; and improving the quality and speed of our services.

Our long-term objective is to be recognised as the favoured industry partner that is always at least one step ahead of the competition. This takes intensive development and a commitment to regularly delivering new ideas and technologies.

Who is responsible for vision fulfillment?

  • Hynek Tyl

    Chief Executive

    Hynek is the father of several companies, which are in group of companies eD Group in these days and as one of the shareholders of the firm he has taken over leadership now with a target to optimalize processes between Czech and Slovak branch and bring new services to business partners.

  • Vladimír Prinke

    Business Manager

    Vladimír is dedicated to using his international experience with companies in central and eastern Europe to strategically develop and manage business activities in the company.

  • Petr Slouka

    Sales Manager

    Petr has been with us since the very beginning of the company. During his long career with the company he has held various positions and currently manages the purchasing department and is responsible for buying activities in the Czech Republic and Poland.

  • Michal Pavlorek

    E-business Manager

    Michal has been a creative member of our management team since 2013. He constantly monitors developments in communication and e-business and identifies the latest innovations essential to the continuous improvement of our services.

  • Martin Lukánek

    Chief Financial Officer

    Martin came back to eD´system Czech after 4 year break, during which he gained experience with leadership of financial department in multinational company. He has been a member of our team again since 2015. He is responsible for the whole area of economics, finance and controlling of the company.

  • Bohuslav Kaněra

    Logistics Manager

    Thanks to Bohuslav, our cutting-edge logistics services are constantly being improved with trend-setting innovation. He previously held a managerial position with a multinational company operating in the domestic market.

  • Daniel Vondráček

    Marketing Manager

    Daniel is responsible for the company’s overall marketing strategy. He brings his marketing management experience gained from working in well-known multinational companies to raise our brand’s profile among customers, experts and employees.